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Music is my message. The Story of Insomniak973.

Every now and again Hip-Hop gives us stories of the underdog. The story of a talent that overcomes obstacles to become a great in their lifetime. One such Story is of Insomniak973 a New Jersey talent with a lot tell inside and outside of his music. "Music Is a major part of my life and I love being able to Express myself on a hot track that I know people gonna feel. I've been through a lot. Hell and back. I've had great times too. And my story is unique and music let's me share it." Music has been this Mc's way to make his voice known and to speak on his life using a vibe to tell his story.

Coming out of Irvington, New Jersey Insomniak973 talks about the road to being great in his music and having a message. "The people here are survivors. Their spirits are always on hustle cause there's no way to survive without that here." By using music and beats to get is point across he has a sound that can touch hearts when life is serious and also make the listener want to dance to celebrate being alive and overcoming the struggle. When asked about style and music he replied, "My style is real punchy with the bars and melodic at the same time. Its music you could really sit back and listen to cause I'm really saying something. And you could vibe out and dance to a lot of it too. My style's fun cause it bounces around based on the feel of the song." Being inspired by Hip-Hop since youth and life being the inspiration of his music, Insomniak973 wants everyone to vibe and enjoy life and not get taken down by the harsh realities of life.

His Goal is to make timeless music so he vibes into his mood and reflects the sound of life in his sound. Being influenced by gritty Hip-Hop like the Griselda Records sound, Insomniak973 knows there are people that will support him and push him to the level where he will not only make positive noise in the music industry but also in the landscape of music itself. "I want to reach the whole world with my music. I know anyone who listens to my music gonna find a song they enjoy and relate regardless of where you're from." His message is to focus and grind on all moves that a person can make and let your success be the message to people that doubted his moves on his come up. His goal is to make timeless music and be a landmark not only in NJ Hip-Hop but in the world. Click the link below for the music video "Watch my Back Though", and his upcoming project will be dropping soon. Insomniak973 will be a name to remember. With lyrics and a mic presence as strong as the community in Irvington, NJ he will not take a loss being the MC he is becoming, He will give the game something it has needed for a long time: Courage.

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