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Statement Award for Standing for Freedom of Culture, Morality and Expression.

In Donald Trump's America we have seen people of color take a political and social beating in terms of lynchings of people physically and in character escalate especially in the mainstream media. With people's rights getting persecuted and families getting separated due to the falsehood of illegal immigrant fear, and the religious terrorism still being used to divide the country based on "good ol boy", beliefs of times where America banked on people of color building a country on their blood, sweat and tears under physical and mental enslavement. We give this award to Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick and Nike for standing for something rather than going with the flow of mundane ignorance and lack of respect for social life.

As we all know by now Colin Kaepernick started the kneeling campaign to protest injustice in the inner city by police officers. Colin Kaepernick lost his place in the NFL due to this movement and is now looking to sue the NFL for collusion . Donald Trump is using his political influence to turn people against the movement and turn the NFL business into an anti-social movement against the social injustice and turn the movement into an anti-flag non issue that was brought into the mainstream media and used to undermine the point of kneeling. 1 year into this movement sports apparel company Nike, starts a Just Do It campaign. Nike showed support for Kaepernick by making him the face of this campaign and making the outward statement towards being for the coming together of the American culture instead of its' separation.

Just the same way Jemele Hill stood against the Donald Trump rhetoric when the President went to war with her for standing firm in her beliefs and calling out the injustices she spoke about that happened in the Charlottesville tragedy. While being demoted and ultimately walking away from a lead position at ESPN. Now going into her own interests, Ms. Hill can now be just as outspoken and continue to take leadership roles in community building and giving a voice for all people that are effected by the hate that is being spewed into our society with "Alternative Facts" and fake news running our nation. We salute Colin Kaepernick, Jemele Hill and Nike for their statement sanding up for freedom and representing for all people touch by the injustice forced upon the many people of America.

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