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The Chemistry IS Dope

In music the male and female group dynamic is not often appreciated until we do not see it for awhile. As complimentary pieces that express creation, when this dynamic happens, we see the greatness of expression that comes with it. When Marvin and Tammi sung together majesty was created and from their we have seen few make the same magic in R&B music and also in Hip-Hop as well. In Hip-Hop recently Jay-Z and Beyonce' (The Carters), released their debut couple album to good reviews an the thing that people never talked about with the project because they looked for cheating rumors and stories was their chemistry. When Avant and Keke Wyatt sung their chemistry made their songs great. When Mary J Blidge and Method Man did All I need their creative talents and their chemistry made their hit a classic. Now we have a group named The Chemistry and they deliver where some have not.

The Chemistry is composed of The Nu and Realeyez. A singer song writer and an MC and poet. Together they are crafting their debut album Sex, Love and Lust which is sure to make peoples attention focus but the genius that they hit on their project is the complication of love and how to express such things to the male and female audience. After going to their showcase/Listening party I can tell you The Chemistry will be something special to ALL Music Lovers. The Nu brings a smooth style of song to the track while Realeyez brings a clear clarity vocally. They both back each bring something that a lot of people miss in collaborative efforts, complimentary talent which equals, Chemistry.

After going to their showcase of their upcoming up coming debut release "Sex, Love, Lust", I am pleased to say music is alive and we will receive a mixture of R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul music and more importantly reality and truth within them. We look forward to hearing and seeing more of this group and leave you with links to their music. Look for more on The Chemistry on Heritage Hip-Hop and www.HeritageHipHop.com

Hello Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJO7ZNE5yik

The Chemistry SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/thechemistrysdope

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